Proven model

Lokahiís campaign successes have been in a large part because our training models. If not for well trained volunteers and staff, there is no way we could have reached out to the amount of people we have in the way that we have over the last several years. Training people in smart, effective, thorough ways is the cornerstone to successful field programs, the best investment that can be made into a campaign or organization. Trainings are integrated into and a critical part of Lokahiís concert, campus and community programs, and are also a specific service we provide to our partners.

Lokahiís training model is based around the idea of informing and inspiring. We are firm believers that the key the social change lies in ones ability to get another person excited about the infinite possibility that exists in finding solutions, and that anyone can be trained in how to effectively do just that.

Diverse audiences

We have created trainings for campaign staff, volunteers, for use at conferences and Board of Director meetings. We can train on how to train, on how to engage in outreach, on how to message and build support for a campaign. We are especially passionate about our volunteer training programs, as we think that smart use of volunteer time is one of the best investments and organization or campaign can make for the long term impact.

Lokahi is able to create and script trainings that are then taught or implemented by our partner organizations, and we also create and lead on site trainings as well. We can come to your office, train your field staff or come out for a few days to help on a concert tour or other community initiative Ė we are very flexible and always eager to help meet our partnerís needs.

Because education is so integral to what we do, our trainings and training programs are very much so grounded in the idea of leaving participants aware of the issue they are working on, what steps they can take to be a part of the solution, and how they can convey that message and encourage involvement to those around them.


Lokahi is also available to consult on projects: concert outreach, fan engagement, street marketing campaigns, campus engagement and community based events and initiatives are just some of the projects we have advised our partners on in recent years. We make ourselves available as advisors for situations in which our clients do not need us to design, implement and run a campaign the way we normally would, but desire our advice, input and expertise.

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