concert outreach

Live music + peer based connections

Because Lokahi’s model is based so heavily on the power of peer based connections, and comes from an interest in reaching demographics that might be missed through more traditional forms of marketing, we have extensive experience performing outreach on concerts tours, and in turn, have become experts at this model of organizing.

The vast majority of supporters we have recruited for our partner organizations in recent years has been through this method, and it’s a mode of campaign building we strongly believe has huge potential.

Concert outreach works; it’s an incredibly effective way to reach out to and connect with tens of thousands of people in a meaningful way.

Creating a movement

Creating a movement on a concert tour is unlike any other form of campaigning. It requires a well versed understanding of how to use the leverage of peer influence to effectively convey a message and engage supporters in a chaotic setting with limited time. In addition, it requires a multitude of other critical factors, including:

*consistent on site staffing
*adapting organizing techniques to unique circumstances
*the ability to work with artist management
*coordination with contacts at multiple venues
*creating appropriate materials to engage supporters
*complicated travel logistics
*training a new team of volunteers in each city
*managing a massive amount of back end planning and data.

To do this effectively, it’s also vital to understand branding, marketing and community organizing: what materials, what kind of messaging is best going to connect with fans on a given tour? How do we take that connection we make, that enthusiasm on the part of a fan, and turn it into action? How do we recruit and motivate volunteers? How do we turn this into a successful movement? How do we engage people and raise money? How do we keep track of all of this, AND make it to the next city on time?

Concert outreach is incredibly effective for campaign building and community organizing, but to do it right, there are a multitude of factors to take into consideration.

Producing results

Lokahi has developed highly successful concert outreach programs that address all of these issues, while engaging the audience at a given event in direct face to face contact. While on the ground, we also successfully:

*engage in policy specific actions
*recruit new volunteers
*provide training and meaningful opportunities for existing volunteers
*distribute collateral information
*in some instances, raise enough funds via campaign related merchandise sales and membership fundraising to offset campaign costs and yield a profit.

All of our field campaigning and marketing is focused on results. Be it an increase in membership, creating a more active online community via in person recruits, promoting policy initiatives, collateral distribution, building an email list or fundraising, our work always has a focused, tangible goal in mind. This is not ‘wishy washy’ marketing. This is effective one on one, peer based outreach that produces tangible, long lasting results.

The most notable aspect of our concert program is that it is all encompassing – we account for every last detail of the campaign, allowing our partner organizations to focus on their other important work, while we work day in and day out to convey their message, build support and inspire people to take action.

Extensive experience

In recent years, we’ve been on tour with U2, Arcade Fire, Brad Paisley, Coldplay, the Dave Matthews Band, Pearl Jam, Common, the Vans Warped Tour, and we have consulted and assisted organizations working with artists like John Mayer, OAR, Dispatch and Jack Johnson. We believe music can be a connecting force, and can be used to reach out to a wide variety of demographics, engaging people and inspiring them to take action on the issues that are important to them.

This program isn’t just limited to concert tours – we’ve applied the same principles to much success at music festivals big and small, faith based events, film festivals, community events and even NASCAR races.

If you are at all interested in learning more about our concert work, please feel free to email us.