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About Lokahi

Lokahi has spent the past two decades mobilizing people to get involved with things like clean water initiatives, protecting civil rights, fighting global poverty and AIDS in Africa, protecting the environment, and promoting voter registration and education. We get people to realize their ability to be agents for social change and build the support for our partner organizations that leads to successful campaigns.

We started out running community outreach programs for a local organization in Los Angeles in 2002, and from there branched out and started doing work on college campuses and concert tours with organizations such as the ONE Campaign, Partners in Health, Oxfam America, HeadCount, and (RED). Currently, we continue to work with local and national organizations, providing the ‘on the ground event activation’ at everything from music festivals and concert tours to film festivals and community events, as well as running campus and community outreach engagement programs, and providing training and consulting services.

Lokahi was formed by Brande Jackson, a Long Beach, CA native with a background in organizing, education and design. She blends her knowlege of human development and learning with an understanding of marketing, organizing and strategic planning.

Clients present and past

Our partners and clients over the past several years have included the ONE Campaign, (RED), Arcade Fire, Partners in Health, Kanpe, Oxfam America, Hope Through Healing Hands, Water = Hope, Calling All Crows/Dispatch, Care, HeadCount, DATA, the ACLU of Southern California, Converse, Slingshot Labs and Witness.

Our model

We pride ourselves in being able to take ideas from the conceptual to the tangible. Many of our partners are start ups, established organizations launching a new program, or a campaign/initiative that primarily exists online or in media. We also work with bands and artists that are interested in creating a fan engagement campaign to compliment their art. Lokahi takes the ‘meta’ idea and translates that into an on the ground, real presence.

We can create collateral materials that connect, recruit and train volunteers, set up community engagement opportunities and design, implement and manage outreach campaigns that build name recognition and support.

Our model is based on sustainability. We strive to provide valuable, cost effective services to our clients, meaningful opportunities to the volunteers we work with, and valuable information to the fans and supporters we engage with.

We are a results focused organization. Our programs are not vague marketing efforts. They are targeted campaigns with focused, tangible goals and results. Be it an increase in membership, creating a more active online community via in person recruitment, promoting policy initiatives, collateral distribution, building an email list or fundraising, our work always has an important end result in mind.

This is effective one on one, peer based outreach that produces tangible, long lasting results.

This form of engagement works: our teams have literally talked to, engaged and enlisted hundreds of thousands of individuals to support our partner organizations, and have recruited and trained thousands of volunteers nationwide. We are proud of the legacy our work has left with our client organizations.

Partnerships and collaborations

If your organization, band or company is interested in partnering with Lokahi on a project, please feel free to reach out to us. We are always happy to answer general questions and to give feedback on ideas, and are known for our flexibility and ability to adapt to our partner’s needs.

We do everything from creating and implementing entire campaigns, managing existing campaigns for our partners, provide consulting services for all aspects of concert, college and community outreach, and provide a wide variety of trainings.

We are also available for strategic planning and speaking engagements.

We are based in Los Angeles and perform our work nationally and internationally.